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Raja Fateh Singh Ahluwalia (1784 - 1836) and the Ahluwalia Rupee

Raja Fateh Singh Ahluwalia (1784 - 1836) 
by Saran Singh and Dalwinder Singh

The undermentioned coin is worthy of mention here. It was issued independently by the Ahluwalia Misl in VS 1862 (1805) which was then under the leadership of Fateh Singh. Raja Fateh Singh Ahluwalia was a great friend of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and had exchanged turbans with him in VS 1859 (1802) as a mark of perpetual friendship. He also helped Maharaja Ranjit Singh to consolidate the Sikh raj in the Punjab.

Obverse : In Persian“Deg Tegh Fateh Yafat az Nanak”. Trident
                 (The prosperity, power and resultant victory are obtained from Nanak)

Reverse : In Persian “(Sar)kar Ahlu(walia) – “
                 In Gurmukhi “Akal Sahaya 1862”. Lion
                (Ahluwalia Misl Government – Gods grace VS 1862 (1805))

                     Raja Fateh Singh Ahluwalia
                                                                      (1784 – 1836)

                 1 Rupee VS 1862 (1805)                    
Mint : Not Known, D: 21mm, W : ?
(Photo : World Coins, Krause Publications)

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